Sunday, December 21, 2014

One To Watch :: Tear Talk

Liverpool's Tear Talk have taken their time it seems in striking a chord with the listening public en masse. Since releasing debut single 'B R E A T H E' in 2013, and support tours with the likes of Dirty Beaches and The Twilight Sad, they have still managed to elude many ears. Until now.

In November of this year they hit hard with the two new tracks, set to feature on their debut EP 'Ruins'. Recorded over six months with fellow Merseysiders By The Sea‘s Daniel O’Connell (whose Ear Room Records label is releasing the EP) and Joe Edwards at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, 'Ruins' is released in January.

'Decades' sees the band marrying the visceral aggression of Suicide with the whimsical musings of fellow Liverpudlians Echo and the Bunnymen. The upbeat tempo and Miller's fairly distinctive vocal style lend a certain uniqueness over the call of twanging guitars. Set to be one of two EP highlights, along with 'Realise'.

This latter track may just be their most accomplished yet. Its drowsy, down tempo unembellished guitar lines that pull on the emotions, and the resigned vocals combine to make for an aura of evocative melancholy.

'Ruins' is released on January 19 2015 via War Room Records.

Tear Talk are: Josh Miller (vocals / guitar), Liam Bates (guitar), Iain Currie (bass), Luis Winder (keys), Tom Manning (drums)


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