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Friday, January 20, 2017

Track Of The Day :: Batz - Darlin'

Photo: Madeline Bannenberg

Words: Linn Branson

Ticking absolutely all the right boxes, Melbourne indie punks Batz thrash out a banger of a new single with 'Darlin’', which comes on the heels of their first EP 'Night Terrors' (recorded with Alex Markwell of The Delta Riggs) released last October.

The fivesome - Christina Aubry, Dali Platt, Jakob Kagan, Jim Stirton and Joshua Aubry, who were originally a three-piece when formed in 2015 - build on a brash swagger, great guitar sound, an infectious chorus and Aubry out front sending out the vocal vibes.

Says the frontwoman of 'Darlin'': “The song is basically about any given situation where another person might think they’re the one with the upper hand and therefore begin to undermine you. 'Darlin’' is pretty much about making them realise that you’ve seen through the cockiness and that you are in fact stronger, smarter and overall more powerful than they gave you credit for.”

We'll go with that.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Listen :: Shame play three songs in session for Huw Stephens

Words: Linn Branson

When we first introduced Shame here back in 2014 they were still largely an unknown quantity who few had heard of outside their Brixton habitat.

Now they are all over the shop - including playing live at the Windmill Brixton on January 23 as part of Independent Venue Week - though as it's already sold out you may have to resort to desperate measures to blag entry.

But if you can't, console yourself with the three songs below - ‘Gold Hole’, ‘Tasteless’, ‘Furry Freaks’ - which they performed in session for Huw Stephens on his BBC Radio 1 show.

Listen :: Splashh - Waiting A Lifetime

Words: Sam Geary

NYC-by-way-of-London Splashh release the second single and title track from their upcoming album ‘Waiting A Lifetime’, out April 14.

The album was recorded in the summer of 2016 in Brooklyn at the Rare Book Room Studio by Nicolas Vernhes (War on Drugs, Deerhunter, Animal Collective), and follows their 2013 debut album, 'Comfort', recorded entirely on their own with a home studio in their London flat.

[Video] Dead Seem Old - This Mess Won't Make Itself

London-based lo-fi poppers Dead Seem Old share the video to their upcoming second single 'This Mess Won't Make Itself', out on January 30 on Vourliotes Recordings / You and Who's Army Media.

Check out Joseph Blanc's engaging animated visuals above.

Introducing :: The Cliftons

Words: Richard Cobb

Aberdeen’s The Cliftons formed back in 2013, which is pretty impressive given that they’re all still only 17 years old now. Since their formation they released a self-titled debut EP in 2015 - containing live favourite 'Methamphetamine' - and are now about to drop its follow-up.

The indie/alternative four-piece release new EP ‘Scarlett’ independently this Friday (January 20). Much of the EP's five tracks sounds like Catfish and the Bottlemen would, had they replaced Van McCann with the singer from Twin Atlantic. There’s a healthy amount of impressive guitar solos throughout ‘Scarlett’, particularly on opener ‘Admission’ and last track ‘FFTV’ which add a lot to the tracks. Whilst production wise it might be slightly low key, there’s still a great deal of promise on here and The Cliftons are a band worth keeping on your radar.

And you can start by checking out their EP launch show at The Tunnels, Aberdeen on January 21.

The Cliftons Are: James Will (vocals/rhythm guitar), Andrew Joseph (lead guitar/backing vocals), Keir Smith (bass), Bilal Benzahia (drums/backing vocals).

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Watch :: The xx appear live on US TV to play two songs from new album

The xx last night (January 17) appeared live on US TV on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they performed two tracks from their just released third album 'I See You'.

Watch the trio play 'Lips' (above) and 'Say Something Loving' (below).