Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Watch :: HAERTS Share New 'Giving Up' Video

Brooklyn quartet HAERTS have unveiled thd lyric video to new single, 'Giving Up'. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album, out in October, which follows their success with last year's ‘Hemiplegia’ EP and their breakthrough 2012 single ‘Wings’.

The catchy 'Giving Up' is a shimmering indie pop affair whose accompanying video - watch above -shows the lyrics inked in gold paint across singer Nini Fabi’s body.

'HAERTS' is released on October 28 via Columbia Records.

Track Of The Day :: Only Girl - Feel It

Only Girl - Ellen Murphy - is an artist we have been watching for some months now. The 27-year-old Londoner has been quietly impressing since she first appeared last year with her own brand of soul-seeped R&B.

Now comes her official single release, 'Feel It'. Co-written and produced by long-standing collaborator Henry Binns (of trip-hop duo Zero 7), from the opening seconds, with a heart-rending vocal inflection that is reminiscent of Kate Bush in her 'This Woman's Work' period in some of the higher register notes, you just sense this is going to be something wonderful - and it is.

As the radio-friendly track moves along, combining emotive lyrics that bring a catch to the throat in Ellen's delectable delivery, made sweeter against a backdrop of some infectious electro beats. Put back from an original August release, it has been well worth the wait.

Rating: 'Feel It' - you can't help but do anything else. A voice you can listen to all day. This track should justify Ms Murphy's place on tastemakers' lists. 9/10

Only Girl plays a single launch show at The Waiting Room, London on September 23 (Free Entry).

'Feel It' is available now via Akira Records.

Words: Linn Branson


One To Watch :: Only Girl

Only Girl To Support 
BROODS/Announces August Single

Moksha Medicine Prescribe The Right Release Treatment

Kasbah days. 'Spindle Thief', the first official single from Moksha Medicine, opens on an Eastern style riff that almost makes you expect a belly dancer and hookah pipe to appear before you. Of course, anyone familiar with the London four-piece from their debut EP 'Moksha', will know more or less where the track is headed.

Taking their name from Aldous Huxley's writings on visionary experiences (their sound is described as “Spacemen 3 injected with Grace Slick and Omar Khorshid”), 'Spindle Thief' launches itself without ceremony into a bam-bam-bam adrenaline-fuelled wall of psych drones, driven by heavy bass lines and the part rock girrl, part sleazy siren, vocals of Rosanna Dean.

'Spindle Thief' is out on September 15.


September 10. LONDON - Shacklewell Arms (single launch show)

September 29. LONDON - Shacklewell Arms (w/ Dark Horses)

November 08. LONDON - The Water Rats (w/ Cult of Dom Keller + Helicon)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Single Review :: Shiny Darkly - Soft Skin

Single Review

Shiny Darkly

Soft Skin

October 6 2014 (Crunchy Frog)


Words: Leanne Crowley

Springing forth from the current hive of psychedelic activity that is Denmark, another bunch of crazy dark-clad Danes, Shiny Darkly, make their mark on the scene with the release of ‘Soft Skin'.

Officially their first UK single (many will no doubt still recall the majesty of  live favourite 'Diana', which was first heard in the UK two years ago), ‘Soft Skin’ combines doom-laden guitars, the haunting, Ian Curtis-like, vocals of Kristoffer Bech, edgy electronic synth drones, and relentless energy that ensures this track hits all the right nerves in the listener, and in all the right places. Maybe the stuff of nightmares to some; to others, aural nectar.

Watch :: Album Taster Track From Hong Kong

Philippines-born musician Chuck Gonzalez, or Hong Kong as he prefers to style himself, this week releases his debut album 'High Noon' via Thumbs Off Records, and shares the video for new single 'Late Bloomer' - which you can watch below.

Melodic dreamlike landscapes, melancholy ambience and perpetual alienation, revolve in the world Hong Kong inhabits, lending his music a distant, ethereal feel; distorted, ghostly guitar lines cascade down over yearning, sublime vocals, creating an atmosphere that complements his raw, introspective lyrics.

Although he looks up to a diverse range of artists, including Neil Young, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Can, The Velvet Underground and Scott Walker, he is keen to stress the intensely personal nature of his music. “Whenever I try and write and arrange a song, I want it to sound like me at that moment.  I write about things I don’t talk about, thoughts I keep to myself,” he confides.

Listen :: Native America

New Orleans indie rockin' trio Native America share their latest single 'Like A Dream', taken from their imminent full-length, 'Grown Up Wrong'.

What began as an experimental recording project for songwriter Ross Farbe - channelling his love for tiny keyboards, homemade noisemakers, and bedroom recording - soon turned into an outlet for his ethereal dream-pop and infatuation with physical space and natural reverb, leading him to break into warehouses, garages, and abandoned spaces around New Orleans, to lay down tracks. The result was a five-track EP, 'Dancing About Architecture', which was released in 2010. This was followed by their first full-length 'Get Well Soon' and follow-up EP 'Bad Weed/But Still Weed' last year.

With the solo project now a three-piece, with John St. Cyr on bass and Ray Micarelli on drums, they release more pop-rock with Beatles-esque harmonies, strong hooks and fuzzy rhythms on their second album 'Grown Up Wrong'.

Check out 'Like A Dream' below.

'Grown Up Wrong' is out on November 18 via Inflated.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Track Of The Day :: Our Man In Berlin - Cirrhosis

Lo-fi, dreamwave glitchiness rules on this latest track from Perth (the Western Australia one) five-piece Our Man In Berlin.

'Cirrhosis' is the third single from their debut EP, 'is it right?', which came out earlier this year.

There's a cool groove going on through 'Cirrhosis', that could place them in a Glass Animals/Foals-but-with-Oz-accents category. Understated dance beats, striking guitars and the smooth vocals of Haydn Mansell keep it sliding along with ease.

First Listen :: Kinds

Cornwall duo Kinds are a boy/girl producer duo formed of Mark Morrish and Karen Warner, who, after meeting at university, bonded through shared musical interests, and decided to start both writing and producing together.

The results are now here to hear: 'Breathe', uploaded online earlier this year, and now joined by 'Run' as of last week. Both show they are keen to take influences from hip-hop, house and R&B and construct them into something texturally slightly different, particularly on 'Run', which fuses a variety of interesting percussive rhythms that ebb and flow throughout.

Currently working on their debut EP, keep a look out for live shows in the near future

Listen :: Heavy Heart

Not sure how wise the name choice might prove to be given that there not is just one, but a few other Heavy Heart's out there as well as another - who at least existed a year or two ago - from London.

This latest Heavy Heart are a Peckham duo, Anna on vocals and guitar, and James, who also strums the old geetar and provides backing vocals. Apparently they formed relatively recently, although one of the two tracks they have online, the dreampop  'Another Wave', was uploaded last autumn, joined by the more recent 'Daisy Chain'. The former drives along at a steady pace, with some obvious electronic input, and Anna's mellifluous vocals laying across the top; while ‘Daisy Chain', again with the alluringly sweet vocals, adds a wistful melodic touch through its three-and-a-half minutes.

Expect to hear more from the pair in the coming months as they are currently working on songs for their debut EP, expected late October.  Around the same time they plan on adding to their total of a mere two live gigs so far - which included an appearance at Truck Festival - possibly as a five-piece with the addition of friends from other bands helping out.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Track Of The Day :: SOHN - The Chase

SOHN has just uploaded a new track, the gloriously cinematic 'The Chase'.

Fast becoming one of the most sought-after producers and mixers (he has worked with Banks, Kwabs and Disclosure, amongst others), the Vienna-based artist who released his debut album 'Tremors' earlier this year, now parades this latest work: a striking synth arranged, soulful R&B track that hovers in the gloomy shadows of pattering percussion and emotive lyrics. Why it didn't make the album is anyone's guess.


August 29 2014 - Hot Top Ten

Solo gnarly, synth clattering project of Ezana Edwards, ex-Brooklyn's lo-fi garage outfit Night Manager. Now San Francisco ensconced with members of Ganglians, The Mallard, and Warm Soda. Lead single from their self-titled debut EP out September 30.

We know Pt 1 is the single which dropped this week via Too Pure Singles Club from the London dream psych outfit, but this later addition ups the gears further on the off-kilter vibe. Catch them live tonight (August 29) when they play a free entry show at London's Shacklewell Arms.

A former Track Of The Day getting a little more love here as it draws near to release date on September 15. Catch them live at The Castle, Manchester on September 27.

Another band in the same vein as Royal Blood and Drenge who make a helluva good racket with just two members. This is the debut single from the Melbourne duo's self-titled EP out on September 21. They head to Europe next year - warn your ears.

The Perth (the Oz one, as opposed to the Scottish one)-based singer with one of the deepest, richest vocals you will have heard in a long time. This was released in July, but needs a push as this song is immense.

More swirling guitarscapes from the goth/dreamwave Thurlow sisters, on a new cut from their upcoming album 'The Other I', out November 10 via Bella Union.

Birmingham duo, Alan Clarke and Vin Parker, put out the second cut of 80s/90s-influenced indie electro pop songs from their forthcoming album 'Supermarionation' due out later this year.

Our Track Of The Day this week, the B-side to the Dublin grunge outfit's 'Da Bom Bom', out September 1. Irish boys go all out on this Beat Happening cover.

Brooklyn-based trio taking a post-punk, psych-goth-rocking stance on this track from their debut album, 'This Album Does Not Exist', released on November 18.

Beautiful lo-tempo follow-up to 'Blood' by the London outfit and another Track Of The Day from us.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Listen :: Modern Vices

Chicago's Modern Vices - the self-proclaimed “dirty doo-wop” fivesome - unveil their latest single, 'Taller In The Sunshine', taken from their self-titled debut LP, out on October 21 via Autumn Tone Records.

Following on from recent first full-length taster 'Cheap Style', there is enough urgent garage rock rawness in Alex Rebek's vocals, and enough swaggering guitar riffs to demand attention.

Listen :: Cult Choir

Former Pennsylvania frontman of The Grim Wilderness and Burial Grounds, Shane Graybill, now working on this current project as Cult Choir.

'Fantasy 6' is Shane's fourth album (produced by Andrew Rutter), and the track below,  'Nobody', is one of the highlights, as well as representative of the lo-fi, dreamwave style that also loosely taps into a folk/blues vein. It is one of a mighty 14 which form the full-length - which was released a few weeks ago - and washes over you in a lazy, carefree way - and hooks you full in with some pretty impressive high notes and a round of tune whistling towards the end.

Well worth a listen.

[Video] Literature - Kites

Philadelphians Literature unveil the new visuals for 60s stylee 'Kites', taken from their recently released debut 'Chorus' album, out on Slumberland Records.

The four-piece breeze their way through Technicolor images, while flying their warm and mellow, big indie pop kites.

Listen :: School

It is sometimes hard to keep up with all the many release formats that one record may have over its lifetime. School's debut single 'SoLong' being a case in point.

This track from the Swedish four-piece (who formed last year) gets its official UK release on September 1 via Gothenburg label Luxury - who soft released it earlier this year as well - and is already digitally available through iTunes in the US.

'SoLong' was apparently the first song written by the Gothenburg outfit's vocalist Alice Botéus - who originally scribbled the lyrics on the back of a receipt on her way home from IKEA - and completed and released in just seven days. The song is about a good farewell - make of that what you will.