Tuesday, 13 October 2015

[Video] DMA's - Lay Down

Oz band DMA’s have just shared the video for their latest single 'Lay Down'.

The track, which is expected to appear on their debut album due next year, is a perfect jangly piece of melodic guitar-driven pop-shoegaze with a touch of Britpop swagger to it. The Tristan Jalleh directed visuals features the band in an urban setting shot in splitscreen style with lots of editing and effects going on.

Track Of The Day :: Youth Club - Pressure

Words: Linn Branson

With their second EP 'Brothers' released at the start of 2015 setting Southend-on-Sea's Youth Club firmly on the map with their sun-ripened indie pop sound, they are now set to advance further with the imminent release of new single 'Pressure', out via Lab Records on November 20.

'Pressure' is one of those immediately likeable tracks that not only comes housed in a great production cloth, but with its dance-orientated infectiousness and R'n'B vibes it can only ensure Youth Club adding to their growing fanbase.

Live Dates

22 Bournemouth 60 MPC
24 Southend Chinnerys
28 London Camden Barfly
30 Banbury AKA
06 Manchester Castle Hotel
07 Brighton Sticky Mikes
10 Bath Moles
11 Liverpool Studio 2

Monday, 12 October 2015

EP Review :: The King's Parade - Vagabond

The King's Parade


September 25  2015 (self release)


Words: Richard O’Hagan

If we gave marks for disturbingly over the top press releases, then The King’s Parade would already be scoring 11 out of 10. Frankly, though, comparing yourselves to Hamburg-era Beatles is fine if you are, well the Beatles, but for a band who came together working on a cruise ship, it is an impossibly high reach and in all honesty, TKP are nowhere near close.

The plaintive strains of the title track are acceptable enough, with Olly Corpe’s voice doing a nice, radio friendly impression of that Irish chap who keeps singing about wanting to be taken to church. There’s even a teen-friendly lyric about feeling alone since the age of 17 (any plugger who can’t get this broadcast ought to be sacked on the spot); unfortunately, two thirds of what follows can’t live up to that opening.

Although ‘Silhouettes’ was released as a single, that doesn’t make it any good. To compound things, the lyrical savviness goes AWOL on ‘Belsize Lane’, resulting in lazy couplets rhyming ‘lane’ with ‘insane’ in a way which is, ironically, utterly maddening. Closer - and the other track to have been released as a single - ‘Bunched Up Letters’ is by far the strongest track here, highlighting their blues-pop crossover at its best. The band take things up a notch and get back on the right track lyrically, with lines such as "Living the dreams of a music man" likely to strike a chord with every struggling musician. Or, indeed, those working on cruise ships.

The real problem with ‘Vagabond’ is that it actually is music for cruise ships. It is, on the whole, too nice, too safe, not soulful enough to be soul or bluesy enough to be blues. The King’s Parade have fallen between a whole galley full of stools and yet still ended up nowhere.

[Video] Yung - God

Danish punks Yung have just shared their Andreas Tang and Veronika Maria Bach-produced video for opening track 'God' from their recently released EP, 'These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores'.

The video is a weird mash-up of the band, frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær singing karaoke to his own song, film footage clips, and then gets as a bit more weird as a snake becomes involved, consuming its prey - the prey not being Yung, we hasten to add.

Yung are currently in New York City to play CMJ, tonight (October 12) at Elvis Guesthouse for the Oh My Rockness kickoff party (w/Shopping, Yvette and Big Ups). They also play:

Oct. 14 - Kanine Records/Dr Martens's Party @ Pianos (1:00pm)
Oct. 14 - NME Party @ Santos Party House (10:15pm)
Oct. 15 - Atypical Beasts Party @ Pianos (1:00pm)

Listen :: ISLAND - Girl

Sara González Kuhnel

Words: Ellie Ward

Making Little Indie's  Track Of The Day with debut single 'Stargazer' back in August, London four-piece ISLAND are now back with another track from their upcoming debut EP, 'Girl'.

Out now via Beatnik Creative, the title track from the EP - which is released digitally and on limited vinyl on November 27 - is themed around girls whose beauty may open doors, but ultimately is their underdoing.

Opening on dark and deep bass and drum notes, Rollo Doherty's vocal adds a tough grit to the melodic strains beneath it, there's also some delightful flowing guitar lines in the last minute.

ISLAND are also set to support fellow labelmates Palace at London's Scala on October 22, to be followed by their own first headline show at The Victoria, Dalston on December 8.

EP Review :: Nieves - Matriarch



October 2 2015 (self release)


Words: Richard O’Hagan

Glaswegians Nieves are an intriguing bunch. There are four of them, two of whom are guitarists, and yet you can hardly hear a single guitar throughout this four-track EP, their follow-up to last year's self-titled debut. You’re left wondering if two of them don’t like the other two very much, or if they just paid off the producer in some kind of prank.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to adversely affect the quality, even if the overwhelming piano-and-drums rhythm does mean that they come over as a Scottish version of Keane at times. They certainly wear their roots on their sleeves, with Brendan Dafters’ burr seeming to become stronger with each passing track.
Opening number ‘The Knot’ is almost entirely driven by Herre de Leur’s piano, as Dafters twists his way through the melody, explaining the knot in his guts. That’s a motif repeated on second number ‘Legs and Arms’, where Dafters’ line "It was more than love that we lost tonight" is almost heartbreaking.

‘Empty Book’ is a slightly darker number, but also has the distinction of being the most forgettable number on show. Nieves redeem themselves, though, as former single ‘Black Tie’ brings proceedings to an epic, soaring close. Martin Murray’s guitar finally gets a bit of a workout as the song weaves an epically dark tale which is up there with anything Nick Cave has managed recently.

In short, this is an odd little EP which never quite does what you expect it to. Occasionally that doesn’t work, but overall a very promising sophomore record indeed and one that is enticing enough to guarantee interest in a full-length work -whenever Nieves may decide to present such.