Wednesday, 22 October 2014

First Listen :: Spit Shake Sisters

Spit Shake Sisters, eh? Well, don't know about you but we can't see any resemblance at all between these four from Brighton. They don't even look like girls. There does, however, appear to be plenty of the spit and shake in their brand of psych garage that is amply filled with self-assured swagger.

Anyway, leaving that aside their do happen to be dropping their debut single 'Blasphemer' on October 31 thru Brighton DIY label, Dead Fun Records.

After supporting Growlers across Europe this summer they head for a hometown single launch show at Brighton’s Bleach bar on release day.

Spit Shake Sisters are: Harrison Davies (vocals/guitar), Ben Varnes (bass/vocals), Zal Jones (drums), Mike O’Malley (keys).

Watch :: Los Angeles Police Department - Enough Is Enough

'Enough Is Enough' is obviously what Ryan Pollie - Los Angeles Police Department - thought, given this track stretches little further than 90 seconds.

Taken from his self-titled debut album released a few months ago thru Forged Artifacts, the track is hazily buoyant with a sunny California surf feel and psyched-up guitars.

Check out the video above, and catch LAPD on tour next month with Avi Buffalo.

18. Boise, ID @ Neurolux
20. Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern
21. Vancouver, BC @ The Fox
22. Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
24. Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s
03. Santa Barbara, CA @ Soho Restaurant And Music Club
04. San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall
05. Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

First Listen :: OSKAR

Trying a Google search for 'Oskar' brings up all sorts of interesting things, from a blind cat to a 'healing cafe' in Queensland, Australia, but nothing which seems to pertain to a five-piece band from Edinburgh.

Eventually, however, we sussed out they were lurking name-wise under CAPITALS, and found them. They have just released their debut self-titled EP on the back of supporting Catfish & The Bottlemen and Embrace. And it has to be said, OSKAR don't just look a tad like Mumford & Sons, but at times sound rather like a Scottish variant of too.

The six-track work - which can be purchased via the band's Bandcamp - was recorded on a tight budget after the band won the chance to record at Substation in Fife.

Check a couple of our favourite tracks from the EP below.

New Track & Mini-Album From Belle Ghoul

Belle Ghoul, the band formed by Christopher Tait of Electric Six and Jesse Paris Smith, daughter of Patti Smith and the late Fred 'Sonic' Smith of MC5, have announced the release of their debut mini-album 'Rabbit's Moon & Doomsday'.

Belle Ghoul formed in 2012 to make what has been described as “indie-pop and northern soul journey”. Releasing first two singles - ‘(Out of) the Neighborhood’ and ‘Cold Cold Heart’ - followed by 'Saturday Knife Fight' (with "the rhythm of northern soul, with echoes of Edwyn Collins"), and the 'Songs By Other People'Digital single which featured covers of The Zombies, Nick Drake and Harry Nilsson.

'Rabbit's Moon & Doomsday' is out on November 10 via Elefant Records. Listen to 'Around For The Weekend' below.


1. Lakes Of Fire
2. Timepieces
3. Momentum
4. Winter's Gone
5. Around For The Weekend
6. Mystery To Me

SXSW 2015 - First Names Announced

You know the year is moving swiftly ahead when we start to look ahead into the next one.

SXSW 2015, taking place between March 17 - 22 in Austin, Texas, have today  announced the first round of performers that will be appearing at the annual festival.

Among the names from the UK are Jessie Ware, Carl Barat and The Jackals, Happyness, The Twilight Sad, Coasts and Fatherson.

See the full round one list below.

Agoraphobia (Boiro SPAIN)
Agosto (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Alvvays (Toronto CANADA)
Angus & Julia Stone (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)
Babes (New Orleans LA)
Baby In Vain (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires (Birmingham AL)
Ballet School (Berlin GERMANY)
Ball Park Music (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
The Barberettes (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Courtney Barnett (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
James Bay (Hitchin UK-ENGLAND)
Be Forest (Pesaro ITALY)
Big Phony (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Bishop Nehru (New York NY)
Blacklist Royals (Nashville TN)
Black Milk (Detroit MI)
Black Taxi (New York NY)
Bloods (Newtown AUSTRALIA)
Bogan Via (Los Angeles CA)
Bomba Estéreo (Bogotá COLUMBIA)
Bonaparte (Berlin GERMANY)
The Boxing Lesson (Austin TX)
Brolin (Yorkshire UK-ENGLAND)
Butcher Brown (Richmond VA)
Buenaparte (Lecheria VENEZUELA)
The California Honeydrops (Oakland CA)
Ben Caplan (Halifax CANADA)
Carl Barat and The Jackals (London UK-
Ceschi (New Haven CT)
Charlotte OC (Blackburn UK-ENGLAND)
Cheerleader (Philadelphia MN)
ChihiroYamazaki+ROUTE14band (Tokyo JAPAN)
The Church (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Civil Twilight (Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA)
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (Phoenix AZ)
Coasts (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Crew54 (Killeen TX)
Dark Time Sunshine (Seattle WA)
Deers (Madrid SPAIN)
Dena (Berlin GERMANY)
Diwan Saz (Yodefat ISRAEL)
The Dodos (San Francisco CA)
Cettina Donato & Serena Brancale Group (Messina
Dream Police (Brooklyn NY)
Dry the River (London UK-ENGLAND)
East Cameron Folkcore (Austin TX)
Eastern Sidekick (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Los Angeles CA)
El Freaky (Bogota COLUMBIA)
Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado (Buenos Aires
Fatherson (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Marcelo Fruet & os Cozinheiros (Porto Alegre
Colin Gilmore (Austin TX)
GoldLink (Washington DC)
The Gooch Palms (Newcastle AUSTRALIA)
Jenn Grant (Halifax CANADA)
Haioka (Tokyo JAPAN)
Happyness (London UK-ENGLAND)
Haroon (Islamabad PAKISTAN)
Danny B. Harvey (Austin TX)
Mekaal Hasan Band (Lahore PAKISTAN)
Heat (Montreal CANADA)
Heaters (Grand Rapids MI)
Hey Marseilles (Seattle WA)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Brooklyn NY)
Ibeyi (Paris FRANCE)
The Inspector Cluzo (Mont De Marsan FRANCE)
Institute (Austin TX)
Jared & The Mill (Tempe AZ)
Jitterbug Vipers (Austin TX)
Alexz Johnson (New York NY)
JoyCut (Bologna ITALY)
Dustin Kensrue (Orange County CA)
Khumariyaan (Peshawar PAKISTAN)
Hanne Kolstø (Oslo NORWAY)
Krypol Haze (Austin TX)
Ben Kweller (Austin TX)
Kydd (Austin TX)
La Orquesta Vulgar (Mexico City MEXICO)
The Last Bison (Chesapeake VA)
Howie Lee (Beijing CHINA)
The Lonely Wild (Los Angeles CA)
Lost Midas (Los Angeles CA)
Demi Louise (Boronia AUSTRALIA)
Love Inks (Austin TX)
Low Cut Connie (Philadelphia PA)
Low Roar (Reykjavik ICELAND)
Luluc (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Lust for Youth (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Lydia (Phoenix AZ)
Mai Dhai (Thar Parker PAKISTAN)
Marching Church (Copenhagen DENMARK)
MC Lars (Oakland CA)
Mew (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Mini Mansions (Los Angeles CA)
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels (Thiene ITALY)
Modestep (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moon Duo (Portland OR)
Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step (San
Francisco CA)
mothercoat (Fukaya JAPAN)
Mr.Kitty (Austin TX)
Nakia (Austin TX)
Jay Nash and Josh Day are the Contenders (Los
Angeles CA)
Natural Child (Nashville TN)
Nightmare Air (Los Angeles CA)
No Brain (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Noveller (Austin TX)
Ocellot (Barcelona SPAIN)
The Octopus Project (Austin TX)
Panda Elliot (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
The Parrots (Madrid SPAIN)
Pharmakon (New York NY)
Pommez Internacional (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
Poor Rich Boy (Lahore PAKISTAN)
The Pop Group (London UK-ENGLAND)
Publicist UK (Longmont CO)
Quantic (New York NY)
Que (Atlanta GA)
Rangleklods (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Residual Kid (Austin TX)
Roddy (New Orleans LA)
Royal Teeth (New Orleans LA)
Sain Tanveer Brothers (Sialkot PAKISTAN)
Sertified (Austin TX)
Seven Davis Jr (Los Angeles CA)
Sexores (Barcelona SPAIN)
Silk Rodeo (Austin TX)
Charanjit Singh (Bombay INDIA)
Skinny Lister (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sleep ∞ Over (Austin TX)
Luisa Sobral (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Songhoy Blues (Bamako MALI)
Sorne (Austin TX)
The Sour Notes (Austin TX)
The Stone Foxes (San Francisco CA)
Suboi (Saigon VIETNAM)
Suicideyear (Baton Rouge LA)
숨[su:m] (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Summer Heart (Malmo SWEDEN)
Sy Ari Da Kid (Atlanta GA)
Tanya Tagaq (Brandon CANADA)
Talking To Turtles (Leipzig GERMANY)
Talkshow (Bratislava SLOVAKIA)
The Big Pink (London UK-ENGLAND)
Thee Oh Sees (Los Angeles CA)
Jonathan Toubin (New York NY)
Tourmaline (Portland OR)
Transit (Calgary CANADA)
Hailey Tuck (London UK-ENGLAND)
Twerps (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Twilight Sad (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Twin Peaks (Chicago IL)
Txarango (Barcelona SPAIN)
Ume (Austin TX)
Vaadat Charigim (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Vampillia (Nihon’odori JAPAN)
Vockah Redu (New Orleans LA)
Vuurwerk (Brussel BELGIUM)
Wand (Los Angeles CA)
Jessie Ware (London UK-ENGLAND)
Warm Soda (Austin TX)
Lewis Watson (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Weekend Money (New York NY)
Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts (Los Angeles
Hank West & the Smokin Hots (Asheville NC)
Whitehorse (Toronto CANADA)
Jess Williamson (Austin TX)
Emily Wolfe (Austin TX)

EP Review :: VEYU - VEYU



November 3 2014 (Baltic)


Words: Dave Beech

It's as if these days, any band who's anyone has their own practice room / recording studio / installation space, from the Fat White's in London, to SWAYS Records' 'Bunker' in Salford. And the same can be said for Liverpool's VEYU, who procured their very own arts space, the fittingly named Fallout Factory. Fitting because the band recall mid-80s Manchester as much as they do the same era of their hometown; channelling the bands of Tony Wilson's now infamous label in equal parts to Liverpudlian heroes such as Echo and the Bunnymen.

It seems somewhat trite now, for a band to want their music to be much more than that, but when VEYU say they want "to connect with people on an emotional make music that people want to absorb...” it's entirely believable.  Their debut EP, comprised of four tracks, at least two of which will be familiar to those whose interest was piqued by their double A-side 'Running' earlier in the year, is a hazy, introspective affair, awash in melancholy and imbued with an appreciation for the 1980s that runs deeper than the finished product.

Manifested in the subtle reverb and the spacial production, it's this awareness of their influences which allows VEYU to stand out from their peers; they're not just another brooding synth-pop band, though there's both synth and brooding in abundance. The final half of 'The Everlasting', for instance, is a foray in to the realms of post-rock, entirely instrumental, it leaves behind the '80s fuelled first half of the track, seguing in to something far more contemporary, and even optimistic.

Whilst three of these tracks are available already, either online or as a single, VEYU have opted to keep the closing track shrouded in mystery, a surprise for those who have following the band from their outset. At over six minutes long, 'In the Forest' is a track far more suited to an EP than a single release, but the where it lacks in commercial viability, it more than makes up for in the wistful expanse it effortlessly conjures, whilst Chris Beesley's vocals take on more than an air of Morrissey. It's the latter half where the track really comes in to its own however, the band once again utilising an instrumental breakdown to convey feelings of isolation.

Again, it's the band's ability to harness the era of their influences without ever sounding well-trodden or even nostalgic, that sets them apart. Every crisp guitar note, each emphatic drum beat sounds organic and fresh, an impressive feat for a record that also feels as familiar as this. Familiarity isn't strictly a bad thing though, and it's refreshing to hear a band from Liverpool forgo the stereotypical Scouse psychedelia in favour or something more tangible, more real, and ultimately more accessible.

Track Of The Day :: White Royal - Notice

"I was looking at that first interview that I did with you last year, amazing to think how far we have come."

Indeed. White Royal may have not been the most prolific band in the year since we first spoke to Josh Hobson (above) here in our Introducing White Royal feature, but they have, it seems, been quietly beavering away - to now return with this quite gorgeous new single, 'Notice'.

This will mark their first release since the Yorkshire outfit - Hobson, Jonty Brown, and collaborator Thomas Balmforth - signed to Brooklyn-based label Color Station, and is out on October 28. The single will come with B-side, 'Be Terrestrial', which, Josh teases, "I think will also surprise as it's quite different to this track."

Listening to the first recorded works we heard from White Royal, 'Embassy' - a sparse, dreamy MONEY-esque track; 'False Widow' - ethereal vocal over electronic layers - they're a lot different in many respects to the smooth-flowing RnB feel of 'Notice', which encompasses various little tweaks and effects - like the 'seagull' sound. (Well, we think it sounds like a seagull; apparently White Royal themselves describe it as being more cat-like...)

"The writing process was actually quite straightforward," Josh tells us. "Thom sent me a keyboard part he had been working on, I then devised a full vocal when hearing this. The vocal has only been changed slightly - it is almost identical to what is currently recorded. Once that was done, it was then about stripping the song back completely then building it back up again. We liked the idea of having a low end bass throughout the track, mainly taking inspiration from hip-hop tracks. We have also been using a lot of vocal manipulation which we played with a bit on the track."

Lyrically, he adds, the song was "inspired by my times working for a night club. I wanted to call the song 'Notice' as the idea of perspective and perception in that environment is fascinating, depending on what position you hold. Essentially it's a song born out of the endurance of British night life, love and inebriation."

The song apparently only took two days to write as well, so hopefully we will be hearing plenty more from White Royal in the coming months. "We are really excited about what the future holds and the position we are in," says Josh. So are we.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Listen :: Dream Stretcher - Colors

We first came across LA chillwavers Dream Stretcher back in February (see here), now the duo (Melanie de Jesus - vocals / keys / synth; Clinton Van Arnam - electronic sample / drum pads) offer another their latest track, 'Colors'.

Their three previous songs online - 'Lovely Lies', 'Make Light', 'The Fall' - have all given a passing nod to the likes of Beach House, and 'Colors' once again harkens to that hazy dream-encapsulated scenario, covering four-and-a-half minutes of Melanie's fragile vocal over layered sound textures.

[Video] Museum Of Love - The Who’s Who Of Who Cares

Museum Of Love, the collaboration between former LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany of the Run-Roc label, released their first full-length self-titled album last week on DFA Records.

From that comes 'The Who’s Who Of Who Cares', an electro-disco vibe track with a quite ingenious video which depicts in fast-frame the modelling in clay of a head.  Once it reaches its uncannily lifelike form, it is melted away in a bubbling froth.

One to try at home.

Listen :: Nash Albert

Hailing from Tbilisi, Georgia - Nash Albert releases a solo album entitled 'Rude Beggar' (produced by The Icicle Works' Ian McNabb) early next year.

Check out 'When I'm Not Around' taken from the album below.

Currently living in Moscow, Nash started playing music behind the iron curtain in the underground scene, influenced by smuggled-in rock & roll records. At his first opportunity he left the (then still) USSR and moved to America where he honed his musical skills playing in various bands whilst working menial jobs.

When Nash returned to Moscow in 1995 he found things had changed drastically. Music, art – the city was experiencing a cultural explosion. With the regulations of the past now lifted, Nash found it to be the perfect environment to play music and form a new band. Blast Unit Moscow released their final album ‘Krisis Of Genre’, produced and co-written by Youth (The Verve, Beth Orton), in 2013.

In early 2014 Nash took the decision to concentrate on his solo career. At a night hosted by Alan McGee in Liverpool he met Ian McNabb from 80s New Wave cult heroes The Icicle Works, leading to an invii from Ian to co-produce Nash's solo album.

Nash returns to the UK this month to support McNabb on his UK dates and play his first UK solo shows.

'Rude Beggar' Trackisting:

Live dates:

31. The Ruby Lounge, Manchester (supporting Ian McNabb)
01. Nightmare festival, Camden, London

01. 100 Club, London (supporting Ian McNabb)

07. District Club, Liverpool

Track Of The Day :: Pocketclub - Alive

This is rather an interesting one. Three young guys who trade under the name Pocketclub, with this, 'Alive', their debut single, out on November 17.

We say 'interesting' for several reasons.  Formed by BRIT School alum and lead vocalist Adem Andel, alongside guitarist and University of London Music graduate Adam Smith, the band began writing songs in the summer of 2012, being joined shortly after by Tech Music School graduate Keir Adamson, the Camden-based trio sit somewhere between Friendly Fires, James Blake and Solange, whilst trading nods with Only Real and iTch.

We have played 'Alive' now quite a few times, and what stands out is how they have incorporated Andel's distinctly London urban vocal, with some fuck-off guitar, great melody, a touch of RnB here, a touch of rock groovin' there, a little rap section, and lyrics like, "Do your lips taste good, 'cause you just lick lies". It's one of those songs that if you like on first hearing, you'll be in love with by the third.

As to the video accompaniment, in their press release the band state: "Frustrated by the mutilation of women that we so frequently see in contemporary music videos, Camden (UK) based trio Pocketclub looked to respond directly with their debut music video. Rather than shots of faceless twerkers and booty shakers, the group wanted to revisit passion and sensuality, especially with regards to the portrayal of women of colour in the current media climate. For this, Pocketclub have collaborated with emerging dancer and choreographer Adesuwa Ekundayo and filmmaker Michael O’Connor to create a stunning accompaniment to their debut single ‘Alive’. Inspired by a song about sex, passion and impulse decisions, Ekundayo’s choreography offers a fresh alternative to female identity in popular culture."

So there you go.

Having played a number of venues on their north London home turf, from the Roundhouse and Hawley Arms to Surya and The Macbeth, the guys have spent most of this year concentrating on developing their sound and recording new music, but they will be playing a launch party gig on November 15 at The Enterprise, Camden.

Going by 'Alive' (and let the video below wind on to their second upload, an acoustic live session of 'Mary Goes Down', which shows another side to Pocketclub - as well as some pretty cute little grins from Andel, we have to say), we are certainly intrigued to see how they come over live.

Hmm, mmm, mmm, mmm...

Pocketclub are currently working on their debut EP, due for release early next year.

Monday, 20 October 2014

[Video] POND - Elvis' Flaming Star

“Look mum we made another video clip!”
“Oh, that’s lovely dear, its very…creative” Mum pats little darling POND on the head, who grins and runs outside to while away the afternoon pretending to be a truck. Mum puts the phone back to her ear and sighs deeply, “… is 26 too old for a boy to play these games?”

Well shit in my hat and call it lightly braised cuttlefish with lavender crème fraîche, they let us make another album. We celebrate this historic occasion with our video for the song entitled ‘Elvis' Flaming Star’, which will be on Man, It Feels Like Space Again. It is a piece of generation defining audio-visual art that will change our cultural landscape forever. We here in this van are all well excited about it, so please have as much fun watching it as we did making it and if you don’t, go get your friends, dress up in silly clothes and attack each other with silly string and water balloons.
Best Wishes, Pond.

Ex-Tame Impala bassist Nick Allbrook's Perth psych-rockers POND announce a new album, 'Man It Feels Like Space Again', set for release early in January.

They’ve also shared the video, which they humorously recorded as above on their Facebook page, for lead single 'Elvis’ Flaming Star', which will be the sixth studio album for the musicians' collective comprising members of Mink Mussel Creek, Allbrook/Avery and Tame Impala.

'Man It Feels Like Space Again' is out on January 26 2015 via Caroline Records.

EP Review :: Two Weeks Running - Human Nature

Two Weeks Running

Human Nature

November 1 2014 (Martian Records)


Words: Dave Beech

Bolton will always be a town in the shadow of two things, Manchester, just ten miles southwest, and the portly waistline of perhaps its most famous export, Peter Kay. Fortunately for Two Weeks Running however, their sound is far sharper, angular and ultimately much more palatable than Kay's stand-up routines, proving that not all of Manchester's musical output emerges from the city centre. Having already found fans in the likes of Tom Robinson and XFM's John Kennedy, the band hit the ground, ahem, running, and haven't looked back since.

Their new EP, 'Human Nature' sees Two Weeks Running rattle out of the starting gate, with a breakneck pace that rarely relents over the course of the EPs four tracks. Immediately, the aptly titled opener 'Bullet Train' asserts itself as the obvious choice for a lead single; its lead guitar and huge drum sound making for an impactive start. That is, until you hear the actual lead single, 'Holy Ghost'. Subtler and slightly slower than the previous track, at least at first, '...Ghost' harbours elements of light funk throughout the verses, before a frenetic guitar leads in to the massive chorus, making it clear why they chose to go with this over 'Bullet Train'.

Both tracks, however (even the record as a whole), grab your attention in a big way, even if the band's overall sound does feel somewhat familiar, generic even. It's the familiarity and the immediacy offered up by 'Human Nature' that works both for and against the band, something which becomes apparent on repeated listens. Though it does grab you by the balls the first several times you hear it, the initial shock soon begins to feel normal, the grip loosening and perhaps even becoming comfortable.

Whilst their energy and passion do ultimately outweigh the negatives, it's difficult to imagine someone hearing any innovation in Two Weeks Running, but that's not always something everyone wants. This is music to have a few drinks to, made by five lads with no preconceptions about how it sounds or their audience. And though there's plenty of other bands making the same kind of racket, Two Weeks Running manage to stand out on sheer energy and self-belief alone

Smashing Pumpkins Reveal New Track & New Album

Smashing Pumpkins have revealed there will be a new album dropping before the end of the year. Billy Corgan and colleagues' 'Monuments To An Elegy' - which features Mötley
Crüe's Tommy Lee - will be the follow-up to 2012′s 'Oceania', and the first of two planned full-length works. and set for release on December 9.

Listen to the first track released, 'Being Beige', below.

Corgan also stated to Rolling Stone that the Pumpkins may disband after the two albums, saying: "When this [new album] process is over, I'm either going to bail on this ship for good, like 'I'm done,' or I'm going to have a new ship to sail on."

2015 Album / Tour Announced For Jack Savoretti

Singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti is set to release a new LP 'Written In Scars' on February 9 2015 via BMG Chrysalis.

The first single released from the album was the Radio 2 playlisted 'Tie Me Down', co-written with Matty Benbrook (Jake Bugg), and served to highlight the rasping, sultry Savoretti vocal. From opening track 'Back To Me', Jack's intentions are made clear. Infectiously rhythmic and beautifully arranged, the track, co-written and co-produced by Samuel Dixon (Adele's musical director and Sia's main co-writer).

Having sold out his Tabernacle show in a matter of hours, Jack will be hitting the road playing eight UK dates, including a London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on March 4.

Live dates 2015

10. PORTSMOUTH, Wedgewood Rooms
11. CARDIFF, The Globe
13. BIRMINGHAM, Institute Library
14. NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms
15. LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club
17. NEWCASTLE, Sage 2
18. GLASGOW, Oran Mor
20. MANCHESTER, Club Academy

04. LONDON, Shepherd's Bush Empire
'Written In Scars' Tracklisting:

01. Back To Me
02. Home
03. Don't Mind Me
04. Tie Me Down
05. Broken Glass
06. The Other Side Of Love
07. Nobody 'Cept You
08. The Hunger
09. Written In Scars
10. Wasted (with Lissie)
11. Fight 'til The End